[thelist] javascript with Flash

John Corry webshot at neoncowboy.com
Wed Dec 20 20:54:42 CST 2000

> I don't know where you're getting your variable values from, but it's
> simpler and more universal to pass this in through the URL or through the
> HTML tags, than through JavaScript.


The site uses the same .swf file as a navigation tool. The file is about
120K. When I put a variable at the end of the src atribute in the HTML, it
forces a fresh download on each page, rather than displaying the cached
copy. The heavy and needless bandwidth use is the issue I'm trying to solve.

Yes, that technote helped send me in the right direction...but I have
everything set up according to the proper method...and it doesn't work.

By now...its become as much a quest to see if I can actually do it..as it is
an important issue that must be solved. The audience for this site probably
all have T1 or better connections, and not enough people will see it to
overload the server...but it sure would be more efficient if I could do it
with a JS function...


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