[thelist] Search Engines & Content sites using Server Side Stuff

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Thu Dec 21 00:01:53 CST 2000


I have a potentially stupid question. Stupid because I think I know 
the answer is a 'sort-of-no' - but here goes:

I have a site that is content driven. Content comes, and goes, on a 
monthly-ish basis. With the current setup I've made a php app that 
loads up an article and displays it as requested, all from the 
index.php page. I don't particularly care if these articles get 
indexed by search engines or not, as they're going to swap out fairly 
soon. So far, so good -- here comes the stupid question: suppose I 
decide to bung up the entire archive of articles (somewhere around 
the 200 articles @ 3000 words each mark), and *do* want these to be 
indexed by search engines -- how can I arrange this to help bots 
index include files? Do I have to redesign the site so that articles 
are independent static pages?

Suggestions would be *great*!


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