[thelist] [the list] HTML or MIME formatted emails?

Michael Barrett mbarrett at triad.rr.com
Thu Dec 21 10:57:01 CST 2000

A colleague of mine has a client who wants to send HTML formatted messages
to customers, like the ones you might get from amazon.com, with pictures and

How would one produce such a thing?
Is there an authoring program? Mac/Win?
Can they be made right inside an email app?
Is there a better solution

thanks ever so much ye merry gentle folk.

<tip type="Dreamweaver">
If you integrate Dreamweaver into your web dev/ production workflow, you may
not like the default formatting. There are two ways of changing it.
Under Edit --> Preferences --> HTML Format, you can set DW to use lowercase
tags, tabs instead of sloppy spaces, etc.
Also DW2/3 doesn't insert a doc type, and may lack other meta content you
desire. If you check the 'Configuration' folder within the DW folder, you
should find a 'Templates' folder with 'Default.html' inside. 'Default.html'
is the default HTML template for DW, make changes to this file, (make a
backup copy first!) insert a doc type, or author meta tags, or what have
you, and that meta content will appear in each new DW doc you make.

-- Michael

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