[thelist] Password Protection-Multiple Tries

Jer jerjer at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 21 14:08:52 CST 2000

I have a directory on UNIX that is password protected.  In IE 5.0 the user
is given one opportunity to enter the correct User ID and Password. If
incorrect, the user sees an error page:
"Authorization Required
Browser not authentication-capable or authentication failed.
Error response: Basic realm="/web/new-site/branches Access File"

The User is not given further opportunities to enter the correct info.
Hitting the "Refresh Button" does no good.

In NN 4.73, the User is given multiple opportunities to enter the correct
User ID and Password.

Any ideas out there regarding how to offer multiple opportunities in IE?
The page is at:
Click on "Branches"  or "Brokers"

Thank You!
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