[thelist] ColdFusion Verity search problem -- Warning: not for the squeamish

Edd Partee edd at vilocity.com
Thu Dec 21 14:16:53 CST 2000

Smart Folk:

I have a list of files/links returned by a Verity search like so:

file3.cfm ...

When a vistor clicks on one of the links, they are transported to the

THE PROBLEM: Depending on which directory the clicked file is in, I want
to load the file
in a specific template.

For example: clicking on file1.cfm will go to /dir1/file1.cfm, BUT
clicking on file2 should not go to /dir2/file2.cfm as it does now,
it should instead load file2.cfm in a template stored at
(i.e. the click should open the file templateXYZ.cfm)

I know how to set up a template and include other files in it. What I
to know is can I modify the search results in such a way that some
clicks get redirected
to specific places and some don't. In my first post on this subject, I
mentioned using IIf, but I'm not attached to that, I just want something
that works. I really have NO effin' idea how to proceed. 



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