[thelist] How can a redirect occur before onload?

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 21 14:43:21 CST 2000

in ASP it could also be done using response.redirect, or for IIS5, 

however, i suspect you are looking for a client-side solution... all 
the JS you need to do that can be found at 
evolt.org ... it has a different purpose, but it's simple enough to grab 
the relevent code...

> From: matthew garrett <matthew.garrett at snet.net>
> If you have access to ColdFusion (or I would assume any similar AppServer)
> you can detect using CF and include the different forms (or just the code).
> > From: "Herzog, Ari" <Ari_Herzog at Instron.com>
> > Is there a way you know of to send a user
> > to a different version of a page before the
> > whole page downloads. e.g. I'm making a site
> > for a friend and have made two contact forms
> > one for iE and the other for NN. The redirect to
> > the NN version only happens after the iE version
> > has loaded. Can I redirect before this somehow??
> > --
> > I am presuming it would be some JS code prior to the
> > <BODY> tag, but don't know what.

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