[thelist] Re: Process and resource management

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 21 15:36:20 CST 2000

> From: Alan Mccoy <amccoy at altairtek.com>
> For those of you who have worked in web shops with a real web dev team for a
> while, my question is this...Is there a preferred process for web
> development? What (if any) version control system works best for you? Is
> there a good online resource for web development process management?

given your NT environment, i have some suggestions...

a web development process is based on a traditional process, 
tweaked for the cross-domain stuff... so if you are an agency, use 
your traditional process and modify it... if you are a software 
company, same thing... we try to use the Rational process, but it's 
tough to apply to many aspects of web development...

as for version control, we use MS Visual SourceSafe... it's not the 
best, but it allows you to do most of what you need, including 
versioning with comments, the ability to roll back, comparisons, 
locking files, etc... works wonderfully for us...

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