[thelist] Netscape table behavior - grrr

rudy Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca
Thu Dec 21 15:38:36 CST 2000

> http://www.muinar.com/test/intertabak.php3
> As always, it looks like it should with IE, but with 
> NS 4 the table cells shift to the right... any idea 
> what to do so that it lines up like intended?

hi mike

i looked at it using ie4, nn4, and nn6

they all looked the same at 640x480, and there were no horizontal 
scrollbars in any of them, so i think you passed the first crucial test of 
liquid tables with five stars   ;o)

at larger resolutions, e.g. 1024x768 the change you mentioned is 
noticeable -- ie4 and nn6 continue looking the same, but in nn4 the table 
cell with the logo slides right

this table cell doesn't have a width, so i think nn4 is trying to 
"balance" the widths of the cells in that particular inner table -- try 
setting the cell to width=90% and see if that forces it open 

to tell you the truth, unless your site visitors switch back and forth 
from nn4 to some other browser, they aint gonna notice that the sliding is 
happening -- this is one of those cases where i don't think you need to 
fix it, because it looks fine either way  ;o)

by the way, i couldn't tell what you're using for an editor, but it's 
obviously one that likes to produce fancy indenting, for example


you do realize that line feeds and white space in front of your </TD> tags 
will cause problems in netscape if you are trying to achieve exact spacing 
-- i don't think you have to worry about it on this page, but it's goo to 
keep in mind...

> I'm supposing that almost everyone that has an MS app 
> on his computer will have Trebuchet...

nope, i have office 97 but no trebuchet, nor geneva (your second choice), 
so i get to see arial -- and if you recall the fonts thread from earlier 
this week, you might want to toss verdana into the mix...

want a quick way to see what fonts are installed on your windows system? 
open windows paint and use the font tool, the ftext toolbar font dropdown 
list will show them all


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