Fwd: [thelist] Netscape table behavior - grrr

muinar muinar at gmx.net
Thu Dec 21 15:54:50 CST 2000

In other words, is it possible to get NS 4 to render a table with
one or more fixed cells at the left and then a cell which fills up
until the right window margin? If not, is there a workaround with
nested tables?


>Hi all
>I'm tearing my hears out with this... a 'liquid' design who's
>supposed to work with all major screen resolutions...
>As always, it looks like it should with IE, but with NS 4
>the table cells shift to the right... any idea what to do
>so that it lines up like intended?
>Thanks a lot!!
>P.S. how does it look like with Trebuchet MS as the first of the
>font family? Are there also Mac users who see it? I'm supposing
>that almost everyone that has an MS app on his computer will have

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