[thelist] Advanced CSS Problem

Terry Fowler one_webdude at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 21 15:57:35 CST 2000

--- "Gina K. Anderson" <gina at sitediva.com> wrote:
> Hi Terry,
> Thanks for your reply! I tried out your suggestion,
> NN is still not working as
> expected, and IE is not showing the body links as
> bold.
> Netscape is making *every* link bold, which bold is
> what I want in the body, but
> the beige links on the left side, and the white
> links in the subnav are bold
> too, but need to be normal weight.
> I tried adding "font-weight : normal;" to all
> classes for those links, and the
> visted classes as well, but its not working for some
> reason. Also, NN seems to
> want to display the unvisited links as the color
> beige, when they should be dark
> blue. Whic is really confusing me :P

Yeah, CSS seems so simple, but we know better, don't
we?!! I just tried moving the  class="navorange" from
the body tag down to the  td tag for the section that

   The Quirk's Marketing Research Review Web site is 
   the one- stop

The links in the left-hand navbar aren't bold anymore
and the ones in that section are. Does that fix it?


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