[thelist] Sendmail aliasing problem

Jeremy Ashcraft ashcraft at 13monkeys.com
Thu Dec 21 17:54:11 CST 2000

You were 100% correct.  It had everything to do with smrsh.  There is a
directory in /etc called smrsh.  In this directory, you create a symbolic
link (ln -s /path/to/app linkname) to the script you want to run.  smrsh
will only allow file in this directory to be executed from the /etc/aliases
file.  pretty cool huh?

<tip type="sendmail">
Wnat to be able to process some of the data you get in emails if you're
running sendmail?  Set up an alias in the /etc/aliases file to point the
mail aliases to a processing script.  In the /etc/aliases file, add a line

aliasname:    "| /path/to/script"

where alias name is the email alias.  This will direct the email into the
script via standard input.  Use the script to prces the email however you
want.  Be sure to create a symlink to your processing script the the
/etc/smrsh directory.......

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> >helpdesk:       "|/home/httpd/gocopernicus/mailtransfer.pl"
>  >
>  >Dec 21 15:46:15 localhost smrsh: uid 8: attempt to use mailtransfer.pl
> The key is with smrsh, although I have to admit, I've never configured or
> used it, so I won't be much help. My understanding is that it's a secure
> shell for sendmail to work with ("SendMailRSH"), and that smrsh isn't
> granting permissions to access that file.
> So you may want to look around for smrsh configurations. Let me know what
> happens - I'll be interested to see this solved.
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