[thelist] IE and windows apps

the head lemur headlemur at qwest.net
Thu Dec 21 18:55:06 CST 2000

NT upgrade to service pack 6
ie upgrade to IE 5.5
upgrade to Office 2000 Professional
you will need Access for DB.
office 2000 will allow you to open docs and program files in the browser.
use front page
but it is the quickest way to create an intranet with a bunch of
If you have a standard group of documents, FAX letterhead, Business, pay or
die letter, etc.,
you can setup templates for using the browser and Outlook for letters,
memos, faxes and the effluvia most offices generate paper wise.

then it is a matter of bleeding and closing your eyes to the code it

move every bodies documents folders to the server.
write a batch routine to backup these and other documents to a different
machine on the network.

you will also be able to keep security in hand by setting permissions in the
NT User admin panel.

Under no circumstances try this without getting clear direction as to who
has permission to access what documents.

example: the receptionist usually has no need to access the company
financials, but she will probably need to validate other workers permission
to these records.

Outlook as a schedule and meeting tool.
You can spend two weeks figuring out who can access, update, change, delete
records here. Take your time here.
Outlook can be a powerful managment tool or your worst nightmare.

Create a text file with everything you do. in order. this will come in real
handy a few days down the road.

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