[thelist] taxes and write-offs

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 22 00:48:05 CST 2000

you're asking about tax law... that's one law i don't guess on... i've 
done what you're describing before, but ultimately whatever i did is 
irrelevent because i guarantee our situations are wildly different...

in short, talk to an accountant... don't underestimate the hassles 
with guessing on this stuff down the road...

> From: Bob Davis <bobd at lists.evolt.org>
> I'm thinking about buying a laptop before the end of the year to lessen my
> tax burden. I've been doing some contract work (self employed style) and
> don't feel like giving it all to the feds.
> In short, can I write the whole thing off as a business expense (it'll be
> obsolete in a year, though still useable) or do I have to depreciate it?
> What have you done?

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