[thelist] taxes and write-offs

Hugh Blair hblair at bigfoot.com
Fri Dec 22 01:02:43 CST 2000

*I am not a tax expert* but my tax helper has me fill out a special form (number
not remembered) that allows me to immediately write off ?-up to $20k -? (changes
some years?) - so I write off the new laptop I bought last year.

Get an expert's advice - only 18 days left.


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> Hi all,
> Please excuse the US-centric question. It does have to do with web-dev in a
> way though (at least if you are in the US and do indie work).
> I'm thinking about buying a laptop before the end of the year to lessen my
> tax burden. I've been doing some contract work (self employed style) and
> don't feel like giving it all to the feds.
> In short, can I write the whole thing off as a business expense (it'll be
> obsolete in a year, though still useable) or do I have to depreciate it?
> What have you done?
> Thanks.
> <tip type="penance for US centric question on International list"
> author="bobdavis">
> Grep is your friend.  If you use *nix all the time, you are most likely
> familiar with the power of regular expressions, but if you work
> predominantly on a Macintosh or Windows machine you may not be.  BBEdit has
> a lot of power hidden behind that little "Use Grep" checkbox, as do
> Homesite/CF Studio and Dreamweaver.  Take some time to learn how to use it
> and you'll be amazed at what you can do.
> For instance, if you have a site that you are transitioning to CSS from
> older HTML with font tags, this regular expression will find all font tags
> (assuming that they are all typed in CAPS):
> <[\/]*FONT[^>]*>
> If you replace it with nothing, they're all gone.  Keep in mind that with
> power comes responsibility.  I've seen things go very wrong with poorly
> thought out regular expressions.
> Resource:
>     Mastering Regular Espressions by Jeffrey Friedl - O'Reilly Publishing
> </tip>
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