[thelist] PDF Problem

Jason Belec pdfworkflows at home.com
Fri Dec 22 06:03:32 CST 2000

I'm not sure I understand 'on scroll'. However if you mean that page 1
arrives, then you must physically interact to get page 2, then byte-serving
is enabled on your server. This is good, as that is how things should be, if
the PDF is optimized. You can create a PDF that is not optimized, and it
will load the entire document. The other option is to advise users to turn
on 'Download in background' in the Acrobat Reader settings.

The initial and present apparent approach should be fine, unless you have a
rather large file for some reason.

Again, please feel free to clarify, I may have missed to whole point of your

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> Subject: [thelist] PDF Problem
> Volters:
> I have a four page PDF form. Only the first page loads and the others
> load on scroll, which causes the user to wait again until the next page
> comes in. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to get all the
> pages to load at once?
> TIA,
> Lynn
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