[thelist] Sendmail and spammers file

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Fri Dec 22 12:05:42 CST 2000

 >Thanks.  Can you go into a little detail into what some of this does?

Sure. Oh yeah, it's important (vitally) that all the white space between 
the two columns is a tab. Using spaces (which is what will happen if you 
copy/paste) will not work. And note that I'm not an expert on sendmail 
rules. I'll explain them how you and I can understand them, but if you're 
looking for infinite correctness, stop reading.

 >>HSubject:      $>Check_Subject

This starts the rule. We say "hey, look in the Subject of the Header (H) of 
each message. For each subject line we look at, run through 
Check_Subject..." (defined below).

 >>D{MPat3}Fwd: Joke
 >>D{MMsg}This message may contains the LoveLetter virus or a mutation

Now we define some constants or presumably "definitions (D)". We name the 
variable {MPat} and give it a value of "ILOVEYOU". We name another variable 
MPat2 and say it's "Joke". And so on.


This is the start of the code (or "subroutine (S)") that is run/checked for 
each message and subject line.

 >>R${MPat} $*    $#error $: 553 ${MMsg}
 >>R${MPat2} $*   $#error $: 553 ${MMsg}
 >>R${MPat3} $*   $#error $: 553 ${MMsg}
 >>RRe: ${MPat} $*        $#error $: 553 ${MMsg}
 >>RRe: ${MPat2} $*       $#error $: 553 ${MMsg}
 >>RRe: ${MPat3} $*       $#error $: 553 ${MMsg}

"R" stands for Rule. If a rule is broken, do the reaction. So, if the first 
variable (MPat) is shown anywhere ($*) in the subject line (told to us by 
the very first line of HSubject above), then error with MMsg, which was 
defined further above. We go through three rules checking for normal 
subject lines, and then another three rules checking for the same thing 
with "Re:".

Note that these are pretty finite matches. "Joke" would be flagged, but "A 
Joke For You" would be not, same with " Joke", "joke" and so forth.

Any questions?

Morbus Iff
.sig on other machine.

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