[thelist] Web Fonts II [was: Netscape table behavior - grrr]

muinar muinar at gmx.net
Fri Dec 22 12:05:55 CST 2000

I'm using Dreamweaver, and the fancy indenting helps me to keep visual control
over those multiple nested tables... :)

Yeah, as a result of the font thread, I just changed my font families to 
Geneva before Arial for better rendering on Macs! If you don't have Geneva, 
get Arial, which I prefer in this case to Verdana. I only use Verdana as the
first font in a font family, never as a substitute, because it renders a lot
bigger than all other fonts (except Georgia).

What do others think about Trebuchet on the web? MS tells on its web page that
it's been distributed which all major MS apps for some years now. It's well
readable on screen, and it can well be substituted by Geneva or Arial because
it's not 'oversized' like Verdana and Georgia.

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At 14:52 21.12.00 -0500, rudy wrote:

>by the way, i couldn't tell what you're using for an editor, but it's
>obviously one that likes to produce fancy indenting, for example
>               </TR>
>             </TABLE>
>           </TD>
>         </TR>
>       </TABLE>
>     </TD>
>   </TR>
>you do realize that line feeds and white space in front of your </TD> tags
>will cause problems in netscape if you are trying to achieve exact spacing
>-- i don't think you have to worry about it on this page, but it's goo to
>keep in mind...
> > I'm supposing that almost everyone that has an MS app
> > on his computer will have Trebuchet...
>nope, i have office 97 but no trebuchet, nor geneva (your second choice),
>so i get to see arial -- and if you recall the fonts thread from earlier
>this week, you might want to toss verdana into the mix...

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