[thelist] ASP - send generated results via email

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 22 12:49:38 CST 2000

are you trying to send the URL of the page?  or resulting page?  or 
something else?

in the meantime, see if this helps:

> From: "Gillespie, Bryan" <Bryan.Gillespie at medic.com>
> I've got a form that passes variables to an ASP page which displays
> information based on those variables (e.g.
> foo.asp?fname=John&lname=Doe&lastlogin=12/10/00) and gets said information
> from a database.
> I'd like to be able to send the ASP-generated information via email (using
> CDONTS if possible).
> Sounds easy, right?  Just pop the ASP link in an email.  Well, this
> information is on an intranet and not publicly available.
> Maybe the answer is right under my nose, but in my searches all I find is
> "here's how to send the results of a form (data entered in a text box) via
> email".

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