[thelist] ASP - send generated results via email

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 22 13:50:20 CST 2000

i'm guessing all the wine has affected me (mini-office party, in 
preparation for our big bash tonight)...

it sounds like you want to generate a 'page', except instead of 
piping it to the browser, you want to pipe it out as email... HTML or 
plain text?

either way, scott's article is handy... or you can draw the page as 
you normally would but instead of displaying it, stuff it into a 
variable which is what gets sent out...

i don't use CDONTS (we generally use ASPMail), so i can't offer 
code samples, but if you need direction, shout out...

> From: "Gillespie, Bryan" <Bryan.Gillespie at medic.com>
> I want to send the resulting page for the variables passed through ASP.
> And thanks for the article -- I'm reading through it now.
> are you trying to send the URL of the page?  or resulting page?  or 
> something else?
> in the meantime, see if this helps:
> http://evolt.org/article/Using_files_to_send_emails_with_IIS_part_1_
> of_2/17/3419/evolt.org
> > From: "Gillespie, Bryan" <Bryan.Gillespie at medic.com>
> [...]
> > I'd like to be able to send the ASP-generated information via email (using
> > CDONTS if possible).

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