[thelist] ASP - send generated results via email

Gillespie, Bryan Bryan.Gillespie at medic.com
Fri Dec 22 15:45:42 CST 2000

I just finished reading your evolt article(s) (very good, btw), but I'm not
sure it completely resolves my issue.  I'm beginning to think there are two

1. Create a file based upon data retrieved from a database
2. Send the file via email

Essentially, the user will enter in their unique ID and a date range.  Based
upon that information, records for that ID between the date range are
displayed on the screen.  The data that appears on the screen needs to be
sent via email.  

While sending a link
http://intranet/foo.asp?ID=1234&sdate=10/20/00&edate=12/20/00 would be the
easy thing, clients without access to our intranet would not be able to
activate that link.

Does that help muddy things up any?

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From: Scott Dexter [mailto:sgd at ti3.com]
Subject: RE: [thelist] ASP - send generated results via email

> Sounds easy, right?  Just pop the ASP link in an email.  Well, this
> information is on an intranet and not publicly available.

If I'm reading it correctly, this is a matter of where you send the email.
Do you have internal email servers that can send/receive the information? I
fear I may be oversimplifying, but this sounds like a matter of making sure
you send the email to an internal server. That will keep it inside the

more details?

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