[thelist] SSI

Jay Fitzgerald jayfitz at bayou.com
Fri Dec 22 20:52:39 CST 2000

I know that to "include" external files within the document root of a
site you can either use "virtual" or "file"....

BUT - let's say you have a linux box that you want to test your code on
prior to putting it LIVE....in doing this you want the changeover to be
as painless as possible so you want to direct the include to use
something like:

<!--#include virtual="" -->

that way when the time does come to put the site live, all you would
have to do is a global search and replace for the IP in all of your docs
and change it to http://www.mysite.com.....

The problem is that the above example does not work....Does anyone know
how this task can be accomplished easily - how to include the full url
of an ip?

Thanks -



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