[thelist] Server to Server FTP Transfer?

Peter Hammar peter at hammar.ch
Sun Dec 24 07:21:32 CST 2000

>>Isn't there a telnet command to copy or move site files from one server to
>>another, without downloading them to your local disk and uploading from

you can use ftp from the telnet session at the 1st server
to the 2nd server:

you at firstServer:~>ftp secondServer.com.
ftp>put index.html

Merry XMas!

<tip type="windows shortcuts">
windows Key+E --> open explorer
windows Key+R --> run program
windows Key+D --> minimize all
windows Key+F --> find

<tip type="SqlXml">
For those of you who don't have access to SqlServer2k
but would like to test its ability to output xml with SqlServer7:

<tip type="ASP">
the for each statement can be a good shortcut:

For Each item in request.querystring
    response.write item & ": " & request.querystring(item) & "<br>"

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Always look in the sent items folder of Outlook before
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