[thelist] X-evolt: WHAT!!?

Shirley Kaiser (SKDesigns) skaiser at skdesigns.com
Mon Jan 1 00:07:08 CST 2001


Also, if you go to the site's main page, you'll find the Evolt.org logo 
with a link to evolt.org. Is that an OK thing for him to do?


If he's not in any way affiliated with evolt.org, I'm curious about why 
he's doing all this stuff. Just feeling protective....

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rudy wrote:

>>>     http://www.nerdsoul.com/evolt/xevolt.txt
>> What's the point?  Pardon my ignorance, but I don't get
>> this.
> sorry, meredith, i should've been more explicit
> that there page is a collection of some of the mail headers that have been
> used on postings to thelist, along with stuff like
>    X-MajorGumbo-version: 1.1.4.sexy+noattachments
> for which we can thank our wacky friend dan
> and no, evolt is not a "wholey" owned subsidiary of lycos
> labatt's blue, eh?   you can get that in florida?  cool
> the rudemeister

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