[thelist] Horizontal scroll bar at Evolt's web site

Shoshannah Forbes xslf at xslf.com
Mon Jan 1 11:46:08 CST 2001

For some reason, the article
is giving a horizontal scroll bar when viewed with Opera 5 at 1024X768.
(see screen shot at:
http://forbes.co.il/dev/evolt_opera5.gif )
Other pages at the Evolt web site are OK.
What is going on?

<tip author="Shoshannah Forbes" type="freeware">
Do you use the drop-down URL list in IE often? Then you probably would like
to be able to edit them.
This little freeware
will do the trick for you.
Very useful!
<tip author="Shoshannah Forbes" type="lunch">
Here is a fast lunch/snack for the veggies here:

* Take some firm Tofu
* Pure some soy-sauce on it
* Stick in a toster oven (or Microwave) until warm

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