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: From: Daniel J. Cody
: The only nightmares people have with Apache
: on win32 is trying to comprehend the concept
: of editing text files.

i disagree and do so from experience.  even the apache group disagrees with

     "Please note that at this time, Windows
      support is entirely experimental, and is
      recommended only for experienced users.
      The Apache Group does not guarantee that
      this software will work as documented, or
      even at all."


i have talked with many people that have tried to use apache and found it
"quirky" on win9x.

: The installer program for apache is just like any other
: win32 installer, which makes it only as difficult as any
: other win32 app to install(e.g. "Where would you like
: to install this application? C:\Program Files\Apache\").

i consider the initial configuration part of the install.  getting the cold
fusion stub and setting that up are a pain in the butt.  while it may be
easy for some, it's a pain in the butt for most trying to do it for the
first time.

: The interpertation of cgi variables using CF and Apache
: isn't the fault of apache, but rather that of CF. This was
: fixed I believe in CF 4.5.1 sp1

while this is certainly true, the truth of the matter remains that there is
a problem with an apache/cold fusion combination.  if the goal is to install
a server so you can build and debug cold fusion templates locally, then part
of that install should involve a server that the cold fusion server behaves
properly with.

on top of that, it makes sense to try to mimic your production environment
as closely as possible.  most likely this means that you should be looking
at nt/win2k & iis.  it's not likely that a host will be running apache on
nt/win2k.  if, on the other hand, you're host is using cold fusion on linux,
then you best go full stride and have a linux box handy if you want to save
yourself the most headache when taking your local projects live.

fwiw, apache isn't the only widely used web server that cold fusion doesn't
play nice with.  i have nothing but foul things to say about o'reilly's web
site pro and cold fusion.

in conclusion, what i'm trying to say is that even though cold fusion runs
on alternate operating systems and alternate web servers, if you're trying
to do anything out of the ordinary you're going to be in for a fun ride.
the cold fusion server was designed for a windows and iis environment.
that's where it runs best and gives the most predictable results.

just my 2c,


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