[thelist] design to look good at any resolution

Shirley Kaiser (SKDesigns) skaiser at skdesigns.com
Tue Jan 2 00:37:08 CST 2001

Thanks so much for the great response and all the info. I'll check this 
all out. I'll let you know if I have any more questions or thoughts on 
all this.

Thanks again!

Shirley E. Kaiser, M.A.
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aardvark wrote:

>> From: "Shirley Kaiser (SKDesigns)" <skaiser at skdesigns.com>
> [...] 
>> Another point here, too, is that we can't assume that people will be 
>> using a full size screen view for our pages, too. I'll have to look back
> i did some research on this myself, but for my own sites... my 
> results and methodolgy are posted as a two-part article on evolt.org:
> 	Real-World Browser Size Stats, Part I
> http://evolt.org/article/Real_World_Browser_Size_Stats_Part_I/17/2
> 295/index.cfm
> 	Real-World Browser Size Stats, Part II
> http://evolt.org/article/Real_World_Browser_Size_Stats_Part_II/20/2297/inde
> x.cfm
> the first shows you how to make a script to check user's window sizes and 
> screen res, the second shows my results...
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