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Herzog, Ari Ari_Herzog at Instron.com
Tue Jan 2 11:26:08 CST 2001

We are currently doing such here. We send out one email,
which is both html and text in one. Dependent on the person's
email client and their settings depends on which version they see.
It's crude, but works.

Related, we are currently working on a more professional e-newsletter
with a third-party company. They have a feature where the welcome message
is text and includes a graphic that can "sense" whether the client is
html-enabled. The graphic is invisible and when the message is read,
the graphic sends a response to a remote database. Clever.

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In my little tests I have had this happen to me, but I am not sure how that
is done, I only think that its done client side, I can't think how the mail
server would be able to tell what e-mail client the user has and change

From: Bailey, Dan
> Actually, I have a similar question.  Right now, my boss is absolutely
> convinced that you can send an email with Outlook that will be *both* text
> and HTML and show up in the proper format based upon the capabilities of
> individual's email reader.  Any thoughts on this mess?

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