[thelist] RE: SQL: Infuriating Date/Time Insert

MILLER David R. dmiller at mcc.ca
Tue Jan 2 14:56:08 CST 2001

Coming in late on this after holidays. I don't use CF, but I bet I know the
problem. 'Date' is a reserved word for Access. If your field is so named,
use [Date] (i.e., with square brackets) in the SQL code. Proper format for
date values in Access is #-delimited with no quotes.

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> I've got an infuriating problem that has been dogging me for days. I
> keep getting a syntax error, where there should be none. Have I
> missed something? I've tried variation upon variation of trying to
> insert number, a date, a time and a time. 


> <cfquery name="InsertTimeAndDates" datasource="#datasource#">
>     INSERT INTO TimeAndDates (AddrJoin, Date, StartTime, EndTime)
>      VALUES(#Form.AddrJoin#, '#TheDate#', '#Form.StartTime#',
> '#Form.EndTime#')
>     </cfquery>

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