[thelist] Form submit question

Michael Galvin mpgalvin at eircom.net
Tue Jan 2 16:36:08 CST 2001


| normally the action attribute would point at a script of some sort on the
| server that would accept the form contents and email them, write them to a
| text file, or store them in a database.  how are you doing it?

The theory is that the thanks.html (actually thanks.asp) page will sort all
that out; decide if the email address is correct, see if it already exists
in the database, add it, thank the user, etc.

So, it occurs to me that POSTing to bottom.html is useless.  I need to POST
to thanks.asp.  But I need thanks.asp to be in a seperate window.

You replied to a similiar problem on this list ("JS form submit and popup
window") and it would appear that is what I'm looking for, although looking
at the source, I see your action is a CFM page - it would still work under
ASP, right?


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