[thelist] Web Based Source Safe

Eduardo Dominguez lalo_dominguez at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 3 19:26:08 CST 2001

I have to suggest you use CVS :)
and the great gui for windows cvsgui.org

CVS can run on WinNT, although you have
to tweak it a bit.


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Subject: [thelist] Web Based Source Safe

   Can anybody suggest a web based source safe. Situation is that
development is done by 2 teams based in geographically separated locations
working on the same project. In fact, I am sure that this is the same
situation which would also have been faced during the development /
maintenance / extension of the evolt.org website.
  All suggestion would be welcome - open source / free / non-free, anything
would do. We currently use MS-VSS (and our OS is NT4/ 2000). Searches did
not result in anything.

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