[thelist] Source for Freelance Database/Forms Work

Jeff Basko jbasko at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 3 22:43:09 CST 2001

Thank you for your replies Rudy and Jeff.

OK, here's what I'm looking to get accomplished:

My client has contracted with the Thomas Register for 2001.. it includes
their proprietary eCom web.

I have my client preparing an excel spreadsheet according to TR
specifications. However, we have already decided that we need to put a basic
eCom capability on the home site, independent of TR.

By basic, I mean there will be no purchase transactions online. There will
be a "Request for Quote" link leading to a form with the specific product
details pre-filled from the link, allowing the customer to either fill in
their personal info, or use a login.

Ideally, these products would have a link to a photo as well, but given the
variety of products (sizes) within each grouping, there may be one photo for
as many as 50 line items.

We will have somewhere in the vicinity of 2000-3000 (total) line items in 12
categories. I need my client to be able to update the database (preferably
Access) and send me the info for publishing to the web.

Is this sufficient info?

Jeff Basko
Basko Associates
jbasko at basko-associates.com

> why don't you give some more details of what you're looking to do,
> system, database, middleware, etc. and see who bites?
> heck, depending on the answers i might even be interested.
> thanks,
> .jeff

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