[thelist] Crazy desk/work setup

Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Thu Jan 4 00:57:09 CST 2001

>  >
>  > My setup kicks ass.  I can w
>The problem with a chair that is TOO comfortable.

I was at work, after work, writing that... where my set up was not 
nearly so comfortable...  I wanted to leave, okay.  okay???


Why do those "work pods" make me think of The Matrix?
Why do they make me think of being sucked into my computer?


<tip type="graphics" author="erika">

You want to use stylesheets and graphical headings with 
transparencies in colored table cells?  You don't need to resort to 
<td bgcolor>, nor to coloring the whole graphic make it work in 
non-CSS browsers.  Try applying an outer glow to your images.  If you 
have white text against a dark-colored TD, instead of just putting a 
matte around it try this:

Fireworks: (2)
- draw (or write) something.
- with item selected, modify stroke.  Try "basic => soft line =>" 1 or 2 px.

Photoshop: (5.5)

- draw (or write) something.
- with appropriate layer selected, choose "layer => effects => outer glow"
- experiment with the options (I like a 3 px blur with a high opacity 
and intensity - normal mode, usually).

The effect is similar to matting, but looks better when the color 
you've matted against drops away, as will happen on non-CSS browsers.


erika at seastorm.com

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