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Richard H. Morris richard.morris at web-designers.co.uk
Thu Jan 4 03:44:08 CST 2001

Erika Meyer [meyer at up.edu] wrote:

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> I just set up a home office in my new apartment.  I love it.
> I have:

I finally got around to having an office extension built onto my house over
the garage after working in a small box room for nearly seven years...

I now have plenty of space for all the PCs and the Mac and all the
peripherals and the extension is wired for a 'proper' network.

> - lamps everywhere so I can control the my light (also one window).

The design means that light comes from both ends of the office so it's
really good (unless it's dull and grey like it is today).

> - my CD/radio boom box.

Provided by the PC in my case!

> Out of all the items, the chair is the one NOT to skimp on.  This is what
> my physical therapist told me, and I have discovered she was
> right.

Agreed wholeheartedly: when you're spending up to 18 hours in one you know
it makes sense to buy carefully.

>  Desks
> can be more easily creatively modified.

Mine's an ex-Government one and is massive - if a little, ahem, cranky - but
then it does support a big, heavy monitor.

You can take a peek at http://www.bagofspiders.co.uk/webcam/index.htm - I'm
the fat bloke blocking the view!

<tip type="well being" author="Richard">

Working in a SOHO environment can be a solitary existence. Make it less so
by contributing to discussion lists when time permits or by using instant
messenger services like AOL's, ICQ or MSN Messenger (the latter being the
one I use, signed in as madas at bagofspiders.co.uk ) to have the craich with
contacts and friends worldwide.


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