[thelist] Email delays....

CDitty mail at redhotsweeps.com
Thu Jan 4 12:23:08 CST 2001

Thanks.  Where should I send this truckload of "stuff"?   Send me the 
address (on list or off) and I will try and get this stuff sent out asap.


At 11:40 AM 1/4/01, you wrote:
>Anything, and I mean *anything* would work.. spare cases would be good 
>too.. anything that can become part of my un-holy army of 486/pentium 
>relay servers!!! muhahahha! :)
>I spose it could be called tax deductable since we're a non-profit, but i 
>guess we'd have to be a legitimate non-profit for that to fly..
>sadly, profits are needed to pay a lawyer that could make us a real 
>non-profit :)
>CDitty wrote:
>>I may have a 2 gig (or 4 gig) HD  laying around.  What about a 32 meg ram 
>>66 mhz. (Kinda iffy on this one, but maybe doable)
>>ps....my partner wants to know if this would be considered tax deductible. :)
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