[thelist] Co-Location: What do I need?

Frank framar at interlog.com
Thu Jan 4 13:22:08 CST 2001

My company is considering doing a dedicated hosting, or co-location 
deal. I've spoken to a few people, and what I'm getting a lot of is 
"You need to tell us exactly what you need, down to the spec.'. What 
do I need in order to set up our machines, including software version 
numbers etc...?

Let me start the list, perhaps you can offer the correct version 
numbers, or choices of software, suggestions, warnings... We kind of 
have to go with NT, because we're using CF 4.5x

  An intel PC of some sort. Ram? HD space? Specs?

  NT (version?, Service pack?)
  Coldfusion 4.5 or better
  MySQL? (What varieties of SQL should I be thinking about?)
  A web server (MS IIs?)
  An ftp server?
  A source control/project management server?

Is there anything that I've missed?


Frank Marion                      Loofah Communications
frank at loofahcom.com               http://www.loofahcom.com

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