[thelist] FW: [aspngbeta] Wishlist for ASP.net

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Thu Jan 4 15:39:09 CST 2001

This may be of use to a couple of you (including Adrian, whom I've already
seen take up the HTML generation of .NET). Make you voices heard (especially
about valid HTML generation and such) and help prevent MS from mucking up

There are a few MS people on Carroll's lists, and things *do* get changed. I
highly recommend it.

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> -----Original Message-----
> From: Charles Carroll [mailto:darthcarroll at asplists.com]
> The Asp.net team is now starting a wishlist!!!!!!!
> http://www.asplists.com/asplists/aspngwishlist.asp
> is the signup form.
> All that will be discussed here is suggestions for features 
> that YOU would 
> like in shipping or future versions of Asp.net and you want 
> to tell the 
> designers directly.
> I am excited about this list because I have about 4 ideas 
> myself that were
> => getting drowned out <=
> by how-tos on this list. So of course this list only is for feature 
> requests and explaining in detail exactly what you mean if 
> the designers 
> aren't sure what you mean or if perhpas they feel an existing 
> feature you 
> overlooked does this well!

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