[thelist] Has anyone used DreamHost?

B.A. Sybal (I Need Web Design dot com) basybal at iNeedWebDesign.com
Thu Jan 4 15:46:11 CST 2001

On 4 Jan 2001, at 12:30, A. Erickson wrote:

> I use dreamhost and by and large I've been satisfied with their service.
> The only thing that I do find frustrating from time to time is their
> little portal interface for their services. The writing on there can be
> extremely confusing and lead you down some weird paths. Having said that,
> I have found that their technical help response time is pretty good. I
> wouldn't think of switching.

... and my niggly with them is the invoicing ... if you host
a number of clients, their automatic invoice just says
"you've been billed", but it doesn't say for which domain
(I do have a tickler system in my accounting program,
but it would be nice to print out DH's invoice as well).

Something I just found out recently is that they pro-rate
from the beginning of the month, eg: I signed up a
customer June 23rd and pro-rated it to July 1st (making
July their actual first billing month), but DH invoiced
from June 1st (it knocked my accounting off by a month).

Otherwise, I can't really complain :)


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