[thelist] Co-Location: What do I need?

Frank framar at interlog.com
Thu Jan 4 15:47:09 CST 2001

>  If you're going with PHP and MySQL, why not use a *NIX
>  server?

We've already invested in the NT version of the Cold Fusion server, 
and we're (at least for the moment) not ready to deal with multiple 
server networks.

>  And you may as well use MSSQL if you're on NT. It costs
>  more, but in my experience the only mostly reliable way
>  to use Microsoft products is to use them homogenously.
>  (i.e, 2000, IIS5, MSSQL 7, FrontPage, SourceSafe...).

I'm finding that there are certain (read: most IMO) MS products that 
just don't cut it. The only reason we use it is because they have 
market lock-in. THE MS FTP program for example is a notorious piece 
of junk. As for Front Page, I much prefer to pay someone to beat my 
server with a sledgehammer. It's quicker and more efficient.

>  But I'm a Machead who believes in unix for hosting so
>  take my words with salt :)

So'm I, but business reality prevails.

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frank at loofahcom.com               http://www.loofahcom.com

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