[thelist] Co-Location: What do I need?

Frank framar at interlog.com
Thu Jan 4 18:04:09 CST 2001

>>  :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>>  :   A source control/project management server?
>>  :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

>  i'd recommend keeping any kind of development code off
>  your production server.. if you're co'lo'ing a server,
>  you're somewhat serious about its performance and
>  availability. running development code on a production
>  box like that is counter-intuitive.

I agree, but I thought of simply using it to be the 'director' or the 
code, in other words, we all develop on our own machines, but we use 
the central server to ensure that the everyone has the latest version.

I'm still not quite informed on how the whole versioning/source 
control works. Is my approach incorrect?

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