[thelist] Just how stupid are these people?

Eric Miller eric at OAKTREE.com
Thu Jan 4 18:35:09 CST 2001

I've seen something like this happen a couple of times.

Once, a large corporate client of ours received a cold-call from a design
firm in Hong Kong.  The aforementioned client goes to check out the site of
the design firm, and finds his own company's web site graphics hijacked and
reposted.  Lawyers were soon involved, I heard.  

Another time I got a recruitment email from a company on the East
Coast...they had copied the entire intro and job description from Portland,
Oregon's http://www.secondstory.com verbatim.  (incidentally, Second Story
does incredible work, if you have a few spare minutes to burn clicking
through their site...)

You'd think that people would understand that you can't plagarize on the


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A week or two before Christmas, I received an e-mail at one of our sister
companies from a web design outfit suggesting that we should have our web
site - http://www.morris-associates.co.uk - reviewed as it had been up and
running for a while now. The e-mail, titled "Wed [sic] Site Design" reads as


If you are reading this e-mail, chances are that you already have a website.

Is it over 12 months old ? Regular updating and redesign prevent the site
from looking stale and uninviting to your customers or clients, as well as
being able to keep the information on the site current.

If you haven't yet put your toe in the 'cyber water' and are still thinking
of a site then please visit our site or e-mail us.

We are based in Norfolk, from our own business background we understand the
requirements of small and medium sized businesses and are able to offer a
design service to meet your needs.


If you do not wish to receive mailings, please reply with a blank e-mail
specifying  'REMOVE' as the subject.


I finally got around to sending a reply and clicked through to their web
site before framing a suitable response.

Hmm, now where have I seen that logo and text before? Of course! It's

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