[thelist] Just how stupid are these people?

Marlene Bruce marlene.bruce at cdgsolutions.com
Thu Jan 4 18:37:09 CST 2001

Huh? The sites look completely different to me.

You're comparing


Love the "Wed Site Design"


> ----------
> From: 	Richard H. Morris
> A week or two before Christmas, I received an e-mail at one of our sister
> companies from a web design outfit suggesting that we should have our web
> site - http://www.morris-associates.co.uk - reviewed as it had been up and
> running for a while now. The e-mail, titled "Wed [sic] Site Design" reads
> as
> follows:
> ===quote===

> www.getting-connected.co.uk

> ===endquote===
> I finally got around to sending a reply and clicked through to their web
> site before framing a suitable response.
> Hmm, now where have I seen that logo and text before? Of course! It's
> ours...

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