[thelist] egads. what IS this? [design]

Jacob Stetser lists at icongarden.com
Thu Jan 4 19:10:41 CST 2001

So first I get Microsoft JScript runtime error:

Line:	81
Char:	1
Error:	Object expected

Then I get:

Microsoft JScript runtime error:

Line:	74
Char:	1
Error:	Object expected

Then "Do I want to accept cookies from:


And then a stupendously slow (and ugly) Flash animation, and now I'm 
trying to read the text but if moves so slowly it's not funny. I 
guess they made this one for the Pentium III, you know, the chip with 
the Internet Inside? The one that makes the internet so much faster?

Oh well! Guess my iMac doesn't cut it again! :)
>I just don't know what to say.  I had expected something so much more from
>SFMOMA...something new...something contemporary...something, uh, usable...
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