[thelist] Site Check

Jay Fitzgerald jayfitz at bayou.com
Thu Jan 4 23:42:10 CST 2001

Anyone care to check a site?

It is only designed for 1024 x 768 and higher and for 4.0 browsers and
up....I'm not too concerned with NN6 at the moment or Mac's....The site
is mainly for the computer gaming generation of visitors which usually
use high resolutions....I have been having a lot of problems in the past
with NN4 crashing but I think it was my poor code (yes - I said
it)....since then, I have put it through both NetMechanic and Website
Garage (as much as I hate them), and it is now receiving somewhat
excellent ratings from both services....so this is mainly what I am
concerned with.....whatever methods you may know of that could cause a
site to crash a users browser, please try them and let me know of ways
that I could correct it....The founder of our group (DAGL - Digital
Athlete Gamers League) is hounding me due to his belief that is is in my
code that is causing his browser to crash....please correct me if I am

Thanks ;-)

Jay Fitzgerald - N at ta$ / DustMonkey - Internet Director
Digital Athlete Gamers League            http://www.dagl.net
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