[thelist] regular problems

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Fri Jan 5 06:06:10 CST 2001

[^\'\"]* - the ^ mark normally denotes "At the beginning of the string". In
square brackets, it denotes "Match any character EXCEPT these in the list".

If you want to match any string that contains " or ' then you can probably
just use [\"\'] - as for how you would check for no even amount, I'm not too

I assume also you are using the Posix regular expressions that are supported
in the base PHP "ereg" function.

Here's an excellent guide to Regular Expressions - I hope it helps.



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> Subject: [thelist] regular problems
> Hi,
> I'm trying to get (in PHP)
> 0 or more of anything as long as there is on " or ' in there
> or even better
> 0 or more of anything as long as there is no even amount of  
> " or ' in there
> Help! it's y first day at regular expressions, it's hard. I had
> [^\'\"]*
> but it doesn't work!
> Peter
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