[thelist] web based wysiwyg

Jay Greenspan jay at trans-city.com
Fri Jan 5 07:34:10 CST 2001

>> Yeah, it's a full CMS, but sadly, I can't do the camparison. My background
>> in the area is limited to providing solace to friends who had the misfortune
>> of working with Vignette.
> Is that the old Vignette (Storyserver days) or the current incarnation?

Those would be the Storyserver days. Has it improved? Or, maybe the better
question: Has their support improved? The people I know we're especially
miffed by the Vignette in-house consultants who didn't seem to know what
they we're doing and cost a fortune. I assume from your question that things
have improved.

Let me know if you've covered this in a past thread, but I do have another
question for you, Martin. In your position with a large company, does
something like Zope even appear on your radar? If not is it becasue it's
lacking in features or does the open-sourceness concern you and your

There are quite a few options out there in openn source land. In the PHP
world, there's egrail (www.egrail.com) and midgard; www.midgard-project.org.

>> BTW -- Martin, I've been meaning to ask you, what is your company's
>> principle place of business and where can I find lists of the partners?
> hahahaha
> You think I get any choice over that stuff?

Of course not -- bad joke (Maybe I should have inlcuded an emoticon ;-) )


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