[thelist] Anyone know anything about ZOPE?

Eric Cestari eric at ohmforce.com
Fri Jan 5 10:48:10 CST 2001

Hi and happy new year !

I tested Zope, and it is really professional and convincing. I did not
have time to test it extensively but it was really impressive. It is OO,
coded in python and hard to summarize in a few lines.

I use PHP but consider seriously using Zope one day. 
Install Zope by yourself, it can be done in 3 minutes (if you have
python) and do the tutorial (half an hour max) and feel the powah ;)

A friend of mine is a Zope developper, and wouldn't consider using
anything else ..

Adam Patrick wrote:
> Howzit?
> One of our clients has shown interest in using Zope to manage the
> contents of their company home-page.  I'm starting my investigation and
> wondering if anyone has any experience with this product good or bad.
> TIA,
> Adam
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