[thelist] Anyone know anything about ZOPE?

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Fri Jan 5 10:55:11 CST 2001

Memo from Martin P Burns of PricewaterhouseCoopers

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Hi Adam

It's certainly better than hand-maintaining the pages.

However, if it was them who suggested Zope? If so, do
they mean "A CMS (and Zope's the one we've heard of)",
or do they mean "We've looked into a few CMSes, and
Zope's the boy for us"?

What's their budget (ballpark)?
What's their likely traffic?
Do they have existing investment in a particular OS/Software?
Do they want to do personalisation?
Do they want to do syndication (in or out)?
What kind of workflow complexity do they need?
What kind of integration with other kit do they need
     (eg Campaign management, call centres etc)
How much of a strategic tool do they think they're getting?

The more you get 'yes' and 'lots' you get in answer to the above,
the more you're likely to be looking at something more robust.

Not that you probably couldn't build all of the above with Zope, and
sufficient (good) developer time, but these kinds of things are standard,
reliable, out-of-the-box components for most pro CMS tools - you don't
want to be reinventing the wheel.


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One of our clients has shown interest in using Zope to manage the
contents of their company home-page.  I'm starting my investigation and
wondering if anyone has any experience with this product good or bad.

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