[thelist] Evolt Equipment Support Fund? (was) Email delays... .

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Fri Jan 5 11:17:10 CST 2001

Warden, Matt wrote:

>> Cool idea.  I would suggest a PayPal account.  Easy to setup, easy to send
>> money to.  Only drawback (i think) is if you get over $500 deposited within

Ok, I've set upa paypal account.. Not sure how well this whole thing 
will work, but might as well give it a whirl.. My account is 
djc at members.evolt.org on paypal. I dont know if people need more or if 
thats enough..

To be honest, I'm not 100% comfortable with people sending me money. I 
can only imagine that some may be thinking, "Well how the hell do we 
know a.) who the f*!@ dan even is b.) i can trust him with $x? c.) he's 
not gonna blow it on beer and strippers?" cus I could be thinking the 
same thing.

I guess its the whole 'evolt was founded to be against money' and all 
that stuff thats really bugging me. But then I thought this would be a 
good chance for people that might not otherwise contribute to do so. 
Then I got into this whole moral dilema and stuff and started playing 
devil's advocate.

All the shit that gets contributed to evolt - whether thats spare parts, 
money, or beer - I plan to document, photograph and store DNA samples 
for somewhere on our website so that everyone and anyone can see what is 
happening with those contributions(unless the entities that contributed 
the afore-mentioned shit doesn't want recognition for it. in that case 
it will go into an 'anonymous' type contribution).

Basically, doing all that will make me feel a bit better about this 
whole thing.

Once again, I've managed to morph a simple 3 line email into a rambling 
long assed email :)

> +2. I've been bugging various evolt godmins to get some type of evolt.org
> shirt... with the cubes if possible!
> C'mon, dan... </beg>

Ok. I can now say that there have been a couple people that have 
expressed interest in doing it. Thanks to those that offered suggestions 
yesterday, we'll be in touch soon..

I'll let ya know whats up with the shirt thing. ;)



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