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Peter Sabaini sabaini at niil.at
Fri Jan 5 11:32:10 CST 2001

On Fri, 5 Jan 2001, Adam Patrick wrote:

:One of our clients has shown interest in using Zope to manage the
:contents of their company home-page.  I'm starting my investigation
:wondering if anyone has any experience with this product good or bad.

i have some. my experience is quite good, you need to invest some time
to get the "zope way" though. documentation isn't one of zopes
stronger points but theres a tutorial built in the current release
which should give you an impression.

pros (imho):
* mgt. through the web
* built in object db, user mgt., http & ftp server, ...
* code reusability
* very flexible and extensible
* lots of modules available
* active user community

cons (imho):
* poor documentation (but improving, theres a book in the works by
* almost everything is an object in zopes object db so a lot of
filesystem based tools wont work (CVS, grep etc.)
* zope doesn't publish files but objects (with methods and attributes
etc.), that takes a little getting used to.

if youre a python hacker or generally are into oop programming and
aren't afraid of the learning curve you'll absolutely love it.

my 0.02 euro...



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