[thelist] What would you do?

McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Fri Jan 5 13:18:11 CST 2001

>So my question is (yes, I do have a question), how should I 
>approach this with my former client? Should I tell him about 
>the problems? Assume that he knows they are there? Will 
>anything I say to him just sound like sour grapes? I couldn't 
>give a crap about the other company, which BTW is much bigger 
>then mine, but I would like to keep a good relationship with 
>the client because I think that might be looking for a new web 
>design company in the future :^) .
>Any input is welcome and appreciated. Thanks.

Sounds to me like the new company is an ad agency that decided they should
build web sites to offer "turnkey services blah blah blah..." and the sales
rep was good enough at his/her job to snow your former client. I agree with
Scott that you might want to just walk away, but be ready for the former
client to come back.

If the other company keeps coming to you for files and advice, be firm but
polite (it sounds like you already are; I'm just being a cheerleader here)
in telling them that the client and site are now their job.

One other option might be to offer your services as a contractor to the
larger company, who clearly have some problems building sites. :) It's
trickier ground to walk on, but you get the site back, your client gets his
wish of one company to deal with, and it might lead to a long-term
relationship with the larger company (who appears to have a pretty good
sales person on staff, if nothing else).


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